Boys Are Us

After 16-year-old Mia gets hurt in love she decides to take revenge on a boy. With the help of her older sister Laura she comes up with a plan. On a dating website they find Timo. He should fall in love with Mia and then be dumped painfully. But when other people and unexpected feelings start getting involved, the game of the two girls suddenly begins to take on dangerous proportions. The emotional violence threatens to become physical violence. (Is not all physical violence preceded by emotional violence?) Finally Timo finds himself faced with the same decision as Mia at the beginning of the story. The question is raised: How much power does the past have over the present moment? And does a person really always have the freedom to choose?

2012 BOYS ARE US | Feature film from Peter Luisi with Joëlle Witschi, Deleila Piasko, Peter Girsberger, Nicola Perot, Rafael Mörgeli. World premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival / European premiere at the Hofer Filmtage.

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